as teenagers, we’re always being labeled. everyday, all the time, no matter what. we can be classified as a girly girl who wears dresses, or sporty/a tomboy that’s devoted their lives to sports, or a nerd who won 2nd in the science fair or maybe even a slut that where’s too much makeup, a nice, classy girl who never gets into any trouble, or a goth that wears too much black and too much eyeliner. no matter what, we go through life trying to find who we are and what group we belong in. we can never settle for just being ourselves because we’re afraid that that’s just not enough. we’re afraid that being ourselves is just gonna backfire on us, and no one is going to like the real ‘us’. i’m not exactly sure if this gets any easier as we grow older…i sure as hell hope it does, but i think that we just need to stop labeling eachother, and stop categorizing people based on their looks, clothes, the things they do, and they things they say. hopefully someday we’ll learn to stop doing this to one another, but until then, just know that being yourself really isn’t a bad thing. it’s something that is to be embraced, not hidden.
Actually love red lipstick :)
My hair’s different colours…why :(
Amazing night with an amazing friend :)
oh hey
Some people may not know, but I’ve been blessed with an older sister. We’re 4 years apart, and her names Esther. It’s only been recently that me and her started to actually get close with eachother, because for some reason we used to just not talk..not really acknowledge eachother (well more me towards her) and we never really knew eachother to be honest. Many of you may not read this, which is fine, but for those of you who are I just wanted you to know a little about my sister. She’s currently 19, but for someone so young she’s been through a shit ton of stuff…I know she has to balance school, work, and friends and family and I know it’s hard but the thing is, she’s so good at it. She’s such a strong person, and I know she doesn’t think so but her strength inspires me to keep going through my tough times. She’s the most understanding, caring, and loving person I’ve met. We’ve been through similar situations and she’s helped me through so much I’ll never be able to thank her enough for. Yeah, we don’t always get along and sure we get mad at eachother but I know that at the end of the day, she’s one of the few people who will always be there for me. Hands down, she’s one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen on this planet, her body mind and soul (see what I did there, Esther? :$). She handles situations with such grace and class, I really need to take notes. It’s only been a short time that we’ve actually been close, but I’m so glad we did.I miss you. I wish you stayed here and lived here still. Having my best friend living an hour away is the shittiest feeling but our weekly Teen Titan Marathons do help. I hope you’re doing good, and I hope you read this knowing that I love you with all my heart and you’re one of my biggest role models. I guess I gotta thank those who took the time who read this, you’ve read a bit about the most beautiful, lovely and stunning girl in the world, my sister and my best friend. 

i wish you could see yourself the way i do.
i wish you could see just how wonderful and lovely you are.
i wish i could take away all your pain and hatred.
i wish i could make you love yourself the way i do. 

my little brother’s so photogenic
beautiful sunset to go along with a beautiful day, gonna miss this so goddamn much

Have you ever read something that just broke your heart?Whether it was a text message, something from facebook, anything? You know, where you can’t really breathe properly because you weren’t expecting to read that. You weren’t expecting to read something that would ruin your whole day. You’re just in shock. It really sucks. It hurts, bad. Especially when the person wouldn’t tell you straight up to your face, you have to read it. I really hate when that happens. It just really fucking sucks.